World Federation of Neuroradiological Societies (WFNRS) Travelling Grants

The WFNRS is pleased to announce its Travelling Grants Program for 2024 for attending major Neuroradiological meetings, including ASNR (every year), ESNR (every year), AOSNR (every other year), SILAN (every other year) and Symposium Neuroradiologicum (every four years).

Goal: This travelling grant program intends to foster the development of young and in- training neuroradiologists in the field of both diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology by supporting their attendance at major neuroradiological meetings organized by ESNR, ASNR, AOSNR, SILAN and Symposium Neuroradiologicum (SNR).

Funding: WFNRS will support six (6) Travelling Grants every year to the above- mentioned meetings, each with a stipend of up to $2000.00. During the year of SNR the stipend goes to support only SNR. A check for the total value of the grant will either be given in person or by wire transfer to the awardees at the time of the Congress they are attending. The schedule of the grant ceremony will be informed and published in advance.

Eligibility: Applicant should be a radiologist/neuroradiologist under 40 years of age, in training, or within 3 years of having completed training. Applicant must be a member of one of the WFNRS member societies in good standing (current annual dues paid). This should be confirmed by the member society and WFNRS. Applicant should work at an institution located outside the continent of the meeting venue. Please contact us if you feel an exception should be made regarding this distance to the meeting venue requirement. Applicant may apply only once in a specific year (from January 1 to December 31).

Selection: WFNRS Travelling Grants Selection Committee will select the candidates and send to the Executive Committee of WFNRS for approval. The decision of the WFNRS Executive Committee is final. Approved candidates will be informed in advance so that these individuals have time to plan their travel and will be publicized on the WFNRS website.

Application: The following documents are required:

  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae including detailed information of applicant’s institution
  • Letter certifying that the candidate is a certified or in-training radiologist/neuroradiologist
  • Support letter from the head of his/her department
  • Letter of intention from the candidate
  • Expected scientific presentations at the Congress to attend (Candidates who submit scientific papers and are accepted for presentation have a greater opportunity of being granted the stipend.)
  • Membership proof of the member societies of

Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Applications for the WFNRS Travelling Grants should be submitted to: Karen Lyp, WFNRS Director of Administration, Email:

Selected candidate responsibility:

Permission: Selected candidate accepts to give permission, rights for the ceremony pictures, documents, and final reports to be published on the WFNRS website, social media etc. once approved by the Executive Committee or a designated individual.

Final Report: After attending the Congress the selected candidates must write his/her experiences and participation emphasizing how the WFNRS grant enhanced his/her education.

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